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Fitness Edwardsville IL

For 10+ years we’ve been changing lives in the Edwardsville community by providing customized fitness programs for members of all fitness levels! Our premier fitness Edwardsville IL programs offer multiple training options to help you reach your fitness goals.  No matter where you are starting, the team at Performance Fitness will design an individualized program that is unique to you and your goals. 

Small Group Personal Training Performance Fitness

Small Group
Personal Training

Our small group personal training is a strength focused, targeted program that is individualized and uniquely adapted to your fitness level.

Team Training Performance Fitness


Our large group personal training workouts are also known as team training.  If you’re looking for a fun, supportive, high energy workout, and fitness Edwardsville IL, this is the gym for you!

Dominators Academy Performance Fitness


Our Jr. High and High School athlete training program is designed for athletes that are looking to improve their speed, agility, strength, and power… to DOMINATE their competition.

Nutrition Coaching Performance Fitness


No matter what your fitness goal is, nutrition is the key to reaching that goal. In our nutrition program, you will not only learn how to eat healthy food, but delicious food as well.

Ready To Find Success?

Join Performance Fitness today to take control of your life and join our growing list of success stories. Wherever your beginning is the, Performance Fitness team will help get you to your goals. Sign up for a class at our gym to reach your peak fitness Edwardsville IL!

Roger Performance Fitness Edwardsville IL

At Performance Fitness, we recognize that your health and fitness journey doesn’t end when you leave our class. That’s why we’ve created an all inclusive program to help you design a healthy lifestyle for years to come."

Roger Ernst

Performance Fitness Owner

Fitness Edwardsville IL

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