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Small Group Personal Training

Our small group personal training is a strength focused, targeted program that is individualized and uniquely adapted to your fitness level.

Your customized program will help you reach your goals and focus on fitness Edwardsville IL.

We never want to be the reason you can’t get your workout in. This program works with your schedule.  Simply set up an appointment with us and we will make sure that you have a personal trainer Edwardsville IL with your customized workout program ready to go when you get here! 

Team Training

Our large group personal training workouts are also known as team training here at Performance Fitness.  If you’re looking for a fun, supportive, high energy workout, in a team atmosphere, this is the workout for you!

These High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are scientifically proven to burn more fat than running on a treadmill.These workouts are a hybrid design that combines the most effective cardio, strength, and core exercises, in order to get the maximum amount of results in the shortest amount of time.

You can find our Team Training schedule HERE
Appointments are
preferred in order to guarantee your spot.  
You can explore all of our membership levels HERE.  

Dominator Academy

Our Jr. High and High School athlete training program is designed for athletes that are looking to improve their speed, agility, strength, and power… to DOMINATE their competition.

Small Group

These classes are for athletes that are looking to improve their athletic ability, conditioning, strength, and performance. The goal of every workout is to enhance athletic ability while reducing the risk of injury, and will be modified for each athlete’s respective sport(s).

Team/Large Group

Our coaches are available to train your entire team, at your site, or at our own facility.

This program is uniquely designed, collectively for your team, as well as for each individual on the team.

If you want your team to be the best athletes on the field/court and dominate your competition next season, then this is the program for you!

Nutrition Coaching

No matter what your fitness goal is, nutrition is the key to reaching that goal.  Your effort in the gym needs to be supplemented with proper nutrition outside of the gym.

Our coaching doesn’t end with exercising.

When you join the Performance Fitness family, you are automatically enrolled in our nutrition program. In our nutrition program, you will not only learn how to eat healthy food, but delicious food as well.

You will also learn simple and healthy nutrition habits and hacks to fuel your workouts, and your life as well! We understand that you have a busy life.  We have the hacks for you to support healthy eating!

**All new members must start with their Smart Start Consultation prior to attending their first workout.**

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