Weekend Warrior Workout – Total Body EMOM Workout – Gym Edwardsville IL

This total body EMOM workout will get your arms pumped for the weekend!!

Perform each of the exercises listed below for 1 minute, switching every minute.

For single sided exercises, switch sides every 5 reps.

Rest for 1 minute in between rounds.

Complete 4-5 rounds.

-Minute 0-1 – Plank to Side Plank Rotations

-Minute 1-2 – Split Squat with Dumbbell Curl to Overhead Press

-Minute 2-3 – Dumbbell Staggered Deadlift

-Minute 3-4 – Dumbbell Bent Over Row with Tricep Extension

-Minute 4-5 – Deadstop Pushup with Shoulder Touch


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