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Technique Tip: Kettlebell Goblet Split Squat

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Kettlebell Goblet Split Squats


Exercise Summary


Kettlebell Goblet Split Squats are a great single leg exercise for your lower body.  Split Squats will work every muscle group in your legs: hamstrings, quads, and glutes.


If you experience any knee pain during either forward or reverse lunges, split squats are a great alternative to try.  There is not any momentum with split squats like there is with lunges.  Therefore, a lot of times split squats can be performed with any knee pain.


One of the main differences between a lunge and a split squat is with a lunge you are taking a step with every repetition.  With a split squat, your feet are stationary and there is not any locomotion or movement.



  1. Goblet Clean a kettlebell

  2. Set your feet up in a lunge position

  3. Brace your core and maintain a tall chest throughout the whole movement

  4. Slowly drop your back knee straight down towards the floor (until your knee is right above the floor or until it touches a pad)

  5. Your shoulders, hips, and back knee should be in a straight vertical line

  6. Push through your front heel and fully extend your knees and your hips

  7. Repeat the movement for the required number of reps



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