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Technique Tip: Kettlebell Goblet Clean

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Kettlebell Goblet Clean


Exercise Summary


The kettlebell goblet clean is a great alternative to performing other variations of cleans.  (For example … barbell, kettlebell, sandbag, etc.)


KB goblet cleans are great developing power and explosiveness, as well as your core strength.


  1. Start with one kettlebell in a hanging squat (or deadlift) position

  2. Your hands should be together at the top of the KB handle

  3. Keeping your chest up tall and your back straight, explosively drive up with your legs, like you’re trying to jump off of the floor

  4. As the KB starts to come up, keep a “loose” grip on the KB so that you can easily slide your hands around the handle

  5. As you slide your hands around the handle of the KB, flare your elbows out to the side slightly

  6. When your pinkies hit the base of the handle and the “bell” of the kettlebell, grasp the handle as tightly as you can, while simultaneously bracing your abs

  7. The kettlebell handle should be right below your chin and the KB should slightly away from your chest.  Similar to the Goblet Carry (<<--Click link to learn how) position

  8. Reverse the motion by “letting go” of the kettlebell handle and sliding your hands together so that your thumbs meet at the top of the KB handle

  9. When lowering the weight towards the ground, make sure you do it in a controlled manner so that the weight does not come into contact with the floor


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