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Technique Tip: Reaching Lunge

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Reaching Lunge



Exercise Summary



Reaching lunges can be used as an alternative for either forward or reverse lunges.


Reaching lunges will put more of an emphasis on your hip/glutes than either forward or reverse lunges, making them more of a knee friendly exercise.


From the following description and the picture in this post, you’re probably saying to yourself …


“Self … this is completely WRONG!  I was always taught that you are suppose to keep your chest up and your knee behind your toes on lunges!!!”


While this is true, on reaching lunges, as long as you keep your back flat for the entire exercise, this should not cause you any problems.


Reaching lunges can be performed with a variety of equipment including bodyweight, medicine balls, dumbbells, or kettlebells.


Start out with a lighter weight when performing reaching lunges.  You probably won’t feel a much of a “burn” while performing these, but trust me, you WILL feel them the next day!


To perform:

  1. Holding two dumbbells down to your sides, take a big step forward with one foot

  2. Maintaining a straight and flat back throughout the whole exercise, bend over dropping your chest down to your knee

  3. Reach down towards your shoes as if you’re bending over like you’re trying to tie your shoes

  4. Push up and back through your front foot, returning to the starting position

  5. Alternate legs

  6. Repeat for the required number of reps


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