Weekend Warrior Workout – Kettlebells!!





Swing into the weekend with your kettlebell!!  Kettlebells are one of the most versatile tools that you can use to workout.  You can train your entire body with just one weight.  Master the kettlebell swing first.  After that, move on to more progressed swing variations.


Weekend Warrior Workout:

  1. Master the kettlebell swing

  2. Move on to the next variation

  3. Feel free to get creative my mixing and matching the movements for a wide variety of sets and reps

  4. Get after it and have fun

Coaches Corner:

  • Master the basic kettlebell swing

  • Kettlebell swings should target your posterior chain (hamstrings and glutes)

  • Single Arm Swings increase the demand that is placed on your core

  • If you want to burn more calories, keep the rep count higher



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